Thanks for coming to NY


Jamie Coones
Lotsa laughs and loved talkin 💩 with you!

You’re an asset to our rapidly growing industry- I love giving back & mentoring fellow Entremanures -across the states and UK 😎👇
I just returned home from spending 3 days with the King of Poop, Jim Coniglione. I can’t even express how refreshing it was to pause and take a step back from my business for a few days and learn how someone else is doing it. If you think you have it all figured out, I promise, you don’t. You need to constantly be learning and trying to improve your business.
Jim has been at this for almost 20 years and it shows. His office is a well-oiled machine and some of the things that I learned from him, only come from experience in this industry. His staff is amazing and they all know their 💩 No matter where you are in your business, you can learn something from this guy. He has a heart of gold and is as genuine as they come. I would highly encourage anyone to reach out to him if you are interested in improving your business. If you hate to laugh, are a negative person or think you have it all figured out, I wouldn’t waste your time because you’ll be miserably filled with laughter and positivity.
Now that I am feeling refreshed and motivated, it’s time to get to work and make some changes. Happy Thursday everyone!
Sully is pretty pumped to have me back home and working. He enjoys the freedom this business gives our family and that he gets to hang out with me most days.
Thanks, Jim! — feeling motivated.