Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal, Dog Waste Pickup, Pet Waste Removal for Nassau on Long Island, Albany, Schenectady, Suffolk, Westchester, New York.

Having established itself as the premiere poop-scooping service in the tri-state area, Scoopy Doo could be forgiven for sitting back and resting on its laurels. But instead, we’re getting bigger and better, with the addition of five brand-new trucks to the Scoopy fleet!
Scoopy Doo Pet Waste Removal Service has been in operation since 2000, with its main office in Locust Valley NY, and serving customers in Long Island, Westchester, and upstate New York. Jim Coniglione, the founder and owner of Scoopy Doo, started the business with just one truck, a bucket, and a dream. Twenty years later, he sits atop the poop-scooping world, with a fleet of ten trucks and a team of dedicated technicians fanning out around the New York region every day to keep the lawns and parks clean and poop-free.
Scoopy Doo has gone through many trucks in those twenty years. They all had a story to tell, and many of them are fondly remembered by their classic nicknames – Purple Haze, Black Betty, Whitey Ford, Francine, Shirley. Red Rosie… They all served us well, as did their contemporary counterparts, such as Old Yeller and Big Mike, who are still making the rounds and valiantly answering the call.
But time marches on, and the time has come to significantly upgrade the fleet. So we’re excited to announce that five brand-new 2021 Ford Rangers have been added to the Scoopy Doo family, and some are already on the road. They have been fitted out with state-of-the-art GPS technology, and will soon be wrapped with the distinctive company logos and inimitable Scoopy Doo catch-phrases (such as “We’re Number One at Picking Up Number Two” and “We take a lotta crap from our customers”). Jim holds to the credo that the secret ingredient of any business success is a sense of humor, and he wants that sense of fun to reach out to anyone who spots a Scoopy Doo truck driving by. If you can’t laugh at poop, what can you laugh at?
Nevertheless, we also treat our customers’ concerns with ultra-seriousness and a deep sense of responsibility. And with these powerful, dependable trucks on the road, Scoopy Doo will now be able to serve those customers even better than ever!