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Active Lifestyle
The walking in this job helps keep you fit – you certainly don’t need a gym membership when you work for Scoopy Doo NY pet waste removal! Looking to get your daily steps done? No problem.

Healthy Lifestyle
Our Field technicians get the benefits of fresh air and sun (sometimes rain!), along with regular exercise which promotes a healthy lifestyle.

We have a COVID policy, but our Operators work on their own on specific routes, so human interaction is very minimal.

Our Field Technicians work on their own during the day. We monitor the routes but trust our employees to work through their allocated routes independently.

We currently have following position(s) available.

Pet Waste Removal Technician

Job Description:

Pet Waste Removal staff are responsible for cleaning customers’ yards of dog waste on established routes, using company-supplied Pet Waste trucks and GPS-related software.

Scoopy Doo NY Employment

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