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‘Super-fun’ Jim LIer appears on Discovery’s ‘Sticker Shock’

5/23/2018 ‘Super-fun’ Jim Coniglione Scoopy Doo New York appears on Discovery’s ‘Sticker Shock’ | Newsday


‘Super-fun’ Jim Coniglione Scoopy Doo New York, appears on Discovery’s ‘Sticker Shock’

Glen Cove’s Jim Coniglione Scoopy Doo New York finds out how much his vintage Dune Buggy is worth.

Owner Jim Coniglione poses in front of his 1970 VW Dune Buggy. Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

Jim Coniglione’s a real character. Literally: Owner of the Scoopy Doo dog-waste disposal service in Locust Valley, he appears as an extra in the Netflix film “The Week of” (“Fat Italian Wedding Guest”) and Martin Scorsese’s upcoming “The Irishman” (“Teamster”), according to the businessman’s IMDb page. A self-described “entre-manure,” he also dabbles in screenwriting, YouTube videos and reality-TV series, including Discovery’s new “Sticker Shock,” in which folks get their vintage cars appraised — an antiques roadster show, if you will. Coniglione and his 1970 VW Dune Buggy appear on the episode airing Wednesday at 10 p.m.

“I love him — how could you not?” asks appraiser Randy Carlson, who judges whether Coniglione’s vehicle is a coveted Meyers Manx, the first dune buggies with fiberglass bodies. “Such energy — he’s so positive. A real super-fun guy,” Carlson says of the Glen Cove born-and-raised 52-year-old, who owned a tire store before cornering the dog-dung market. “Fun both on and off the set. He’s awesome.”

Take Coniglione’s story about how he got the Dune Buggy. “My doctor, Charlie Gambino, said, ‘You’re too fat!’ So I start walkin’ around” for exercise near his business. Four doors down he saw a Dune Buggy in a home’s garage. “And I go crazy because I love dune buggies! And it’s orange — and I love orange! I put a sticky note on [the owner’s] front door.” You carry sticky notes when you go for walks? “It was close to the office, so I went back to get a sticky. It turned out it was my old mailman from my tire shop! It was sitting outside for, like, seven years. It was in bad shape.”

He bought it for $1,500 and spent a few thousand fixing it up. And while Carlson cautions that dune buggies are “probably one of the least-safe vehicles on the planet, a piece of plastic on a tin [Volkswagen] chassis. In an accident, you are the crumple zone,” Coniglione isn’t deterred from driving it.

“I go everywhere with this thing!” he enthuses. “I’m all over. I drove it up to Bear Mountain, to the Volkswagen festival out there. It passed New York State inspection. They’re a little scared out there in California,” where the appraiser lives, Coniglione jokingly suggests. “This is New York!”

Indeed: His family has lived in Glen Cove for four generations, having emigrated from Sturno, Italy, in the Campania region, and Licodia Eubea, Sicily. One great-grandfather worked for the railroad, one grandfather for Grumman, Coniglione says. “My dad was in the electronics field, a production manager, and my mom worked in the Glen Cove school system,” where Coniglione graduated from high school before going on to a business degree from SUNY Delhi.

His wife, Kathy, and their 14-year-old daughter, Jamie, might soon be able to say Coniglione worked not just in business but in reality TV. “We filmed a pilot [about Scoopy Doo] for Animal Planet four years ago, then they got cold feet because the new CEO thought maybe somebody will be turned off by poo,” he believes. “So we were approached by a new production company out of L.A., and we’re in the process now of developing a new reality show.”

One can only hope that, ahem, it gets picked up.

There’s always news breaking about Scoopy Doo Pet Waste Removal Service! – because here at Scoopy Doo we’re always deeply involved in community affairs, animal causes and technology innovations. Owner Jim Coniglione has been a tireless and enthusiastic promoter for the poop-scooping business – a turd-will ambassador, so to speak – and his message has been picked up by news outlets throughout the tri-state area. Scoopy Doo has been featured in print and on-line publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post, as well as news stations such as CNBC and News 12 Long Island!

Scoopy Doo has also gained media attention for being at the forefront of business innovation. Our service has embraced all the leading developments in routing, billing, and satellite technology, and often we have led the way. Jim Coniglione has been recognized by Tom Tom Telematics and Business Fleet for his innovative use of telematics as adapted to his unique business. He was featured on the cover of Business Fleet Magazine, and the accompanying in-depth article put him front and center in the telematics revolution.

A devoted animal lover, Jim has been very active in promoting animal causes and has worked with many local shelters and rescue groups. He is one of the sponsors of the annual Howl-oween Pet Parade in Glen Cove, which raises money for the city animal shelter, and he is a strong advocate for animal rights and stamping out animal abuse.

Scoopy Doo Ltd. Celebrates Fifth Year (many years ago)

Jim Coniglione, President of Scoopy Doo Ltd. has heard it all. “Business is really piling up, huh Jim?” or “Business is really picking up, huh Jim,” but he laughs and says, “It sure is.”And it has. In just four years of business serving the North Shore and South Shore of Long Island, Jim Coniglione, a Glen Cove resident, said his client base has grown by leaps and bounds. “It’s a fantastic business and a great service,” he said.

Scoopy Doo Ltd. takes care of one of the most unpleasant parts of dog
ownership: cleaning up after your pet. Scoopy Doo takes the worry out of having to clean up after your dog which, studies tell, that if left unattended to could become a health hazard to both you and your family.

According to Jim, for a nominal fee, service technicians come out to your home on a weekly or biweekly basis and remove and dispose of the waste. Jim said most of his clients are people with two jobs, people who work long hours or people who would rather spend their time playing with their pets and kids then picking up “doo.” “That’s where we come in,” said Jim, “and we ’re happy to provide the service to our many satisfied customers.”

The small, silver pickup trucks can be seen throughout the North and South Shore of Long Island. They have Jim’s distinctive logo on the side of a dog with a cape a.k.a. “Scoopy Doo” chasing… well, “Doo.” Jim laughs, “I have a bit of a sense of humor about the business I’m in too.”

The technicians hired by Jim are local residents and animal lovers who simply, “Love their job,” according to Jim. The technicians have all been properly trained in pick-up and disposal of dog waste. The staff properly disposes of the products and removes it from your property, thankfully never to be seen again.

“One of the most important aspects of this business is cleanliness,” said Jim on a serious note. “That’s why the technicians are trained to prevent any possibility of the spread of disease. When a staff member is done cleaning a yeard they disinfect their tools, equipment and shoes before climbing into their truck and heading to the next job, so that we ensure that your yard stays clean and your dog stays healthy.”

According to Jim’s growing client list the service is worth every penny. And the service comes at various rates. For more information about joining Scoopy Doo Ltd.’s happy dog owner’s list of clients call (516) 676-0083.

Scoopy  Doo Dog Waste Removal Service is making life easier for busy Dog owners like you with our complete dog waste cleanup and removal of canine waste from yards and dog runs.

Scoopy Doo eliminates one of the most unpleasant aspects of Dog ownership, Dog waste … …because you have better things to do with your time !
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