Jim Coniglione with Parks Commissioner Darcy Maccarone Belyea at the Barkfest.


The Leader November 21, 2023

Drive down Forest Avenue towards Locust Valley, and you’ll see a sign on the right that has been proudly displayed for almost a quarter of a century ­ “Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal”, followed by the friendly admonition, “Have a Great Day and No Poo On Your Shoe.”

Back in 2000, when Jim Coniglione first had the idea of starting a new pet waste removal business, friends told him he was crazy. “Who’s going to pay you to pick up dog poop?” Well, this June, Scoopy Doo, one of the oldest and most respected pet waste removal services on the East Coast, is celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, and still going strong! Located at 177 Forest Avenue in Locust Valley, Scoopy Doo has grown from a one­ man operation to a fleet of trucks providing A­1 service to Long Island and Westchester.

The secret to Scoopy Doo’s success is a combination of innovative thinking, quality service, and customer relations. Scoopy Doo has pioneered many of the techniques and practices that are now standard in pet waste removal. And good customer relations go hand­-in-hand with good service. “We have a great family atmosphere here at the office,” says Jim Coniglione, “and that extends to our clients. My parents taught me that if you treat your customers fair, return all calls, and always do the right thing – then you’ll be fine.”

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal, Dog Waste Pickup, Pet Waste Removal for Nassau on Long Island, Albany, Schenectady, Suffolk, Westchester, New York.For the past 23 years, Scoopy Doo has been doing more than fine, as evidenced by its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Articles about this singular and exceptional business have been featured in the New York Times, Newsday, the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and throughout the internet. Its popularity has led to a web series, which can be seen on YouTube, and the development of a reality TV show. And if you’ve seen any recent Balance of Nature commercials, you might have recognized Jim’s very distinctive Long Island accent extolling the virtues of that popular vitamin supplement.

Scoopy Doo has been quick to give back to the community, working with local animal shelters and the elderly and handicapped. This Halloween the Nassau County Barkfest’s annual Pet Costume Contest, held at Eisenhower Park and headed by the Nassau County Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Museums, Darcy Maccarone Belyea, featured Jim as one of the judges.

Jim Coniglione with Parks Commissioner Darcy Maccarone Belyea at the Barkfest Jim is also widely recognized as one of the founders of the poop­ scooping industry. Thanks to the global reach of the internet, Jim has become a mentor to fellow scooping professionals not only around the United States but also in the UK and Australia. His efforts to pay it forward have resulted in various awards for community service, entrepreneurship, and innovation. But what makes him happiest is seeing so many people succeed at the business he helped create.

The last few years have been difficult for Scoopy Doo, just like the rest of us. The pandemic was devastating, with many customers putting their accounts on hold because of illness or financial straits, and a number of employees had to deal with COVID­ related emergencies. But things have thankfully returned to normal. With the leaves falling and the winter snow right around the corner, a clean, poo­ free backyard couldn’t be more urgent. And Scoopy Doo stands ready to come to the rescue.

Whether you have a small pooch or a pack of Great Danes, a tiny backyard, or a couple of acres, Scoopy Doo is the pet waste removal service for you. If you’re interested in weekly service or a one­time clean­up, you can contact them at 516­-676­-0083 or go to their website: www.scoopydoony.com