How to Make Sure Your Dog Has the Best Boarding Experience

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Leaving your beloved dog in the hands of someone else is never an easy decision. It is important to make sure that your dog has the best experience possible while they are away from home. Knowing your dog will be secure and well taken care of while they are away can give you peace of mind. By researching the boarding facility’s reputation, familiarizing your dog with the facility, bringing their favorite toys, packing familiar items from home, and ensuring your dog is up to date on vaccinations, your dog will be as comfortable as possible and you can rest assured that you made the best decision possible for them.

Make Sure Your Dog is Up to Date on Vaccinations
Before planning a boarding experience for your dog, it is important to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations. Vaccinations help protect your pet against illnesses, such as distemper, parvovirus and rabies. It is recommended that you take your pet to the vet a few weeks before the boarding experience to ensure all vaccinations are current. Providing a copy of your pet’s vaccination record to the boarding facility is also necessary to ensure your pet is safe and secure. Should there be any questions or concerns, the boarding facility will have the vaccination record on hand. Additionally, always ask the boarding facility if they need any other special medical requirements prior to booking.

Research the Boarding Facility’s Reputation
When you’re looking for a boarding facility for your dog, it’s important to research the facility’s reputation. Ask friends, family, and colleagues if they have any experience with the facility and what their experiences were like. Read online reviews and Google search for information about the facility. Additionally, ask the boarding facility for references and contact those references to get their opinion. You want to make sure that the facility is a safe and welcoming environment that your dog will enjoy

Familiarize Your dog with the Facility
It is important that you familiarize your dog with the boarding facility prior to its stay. This will help make them feel more comfortable and at ease during their stay. Begin by visiting the facility with your dog and allowing them to explore the area. Introduce them to staff and other customers they may encounter. Show them where they will be spending their time, such as the kennel and play areas, and provide them with positive reinforcement.

Provide Detailed Instructions to the Kennel
Before boarding, make sure the kennel is familiar with your pet’s temperament, dietary requirements, and any medical conditions. Provide the kennel with a detailed list of instructions regarding your pet’s care, including feeding schedules, exercise routines, and medications. When dropping off the pet, take time to express your pet’s needs to the staff, and be sure to ask questions if you have any.

Pack Familiar Items from Home
To help your pup feel more comfortable in their new environment, it is beneficial to pack familiar items from home. Consider packing items such as a bed, blanket, and any toys that your dog is particularly fond of. If your dog has a special treat that they usually get when they are feeling anxious, consider bringing it along. By bringing items that your dog is familiar with, the atmosphere will feel more like home and help keep your pup feeling comfortable and secure.

Knowing that your pup is in a safe and comfortable environment is invaluable and will help you to feel at ease when you are away. With the right preparations and precautions, you will be able to confidently leave your furry friend in the care of a trusted boarding facility.