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Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal, Dog Waste Pickup, Pet Waste Removal for Nassau on Long Island, Albany, Schenectady, Suffolk, Westchester, New York.

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I just signed up and I believe they have serviced my home now 2-3 times. I’m definitely not seeing any poop on the ground and after the winter there was a lot, it was a major cleanup and it was something I was not looking forward to doing! I met the guy that came to my house briefly when I saw him going into my backyard and he was very nice. I watched him look Everywhere rather meticulously. So far it was as good as it could be and I think it’s extremely reasonably priced.

Jason Portnoy

“Customer service AMAZING! This is my 2nd year with them and they have been nothing but perfect! I needed to switch my scheduled service date and Scoopy Doo did it for me 1-2-3! GREAT company!”

Tom, Locust Valley

“Our grandmother’s yard is clear of poop thanks to the guys at Scoopy Doo. She loves her dog but became a little too old and busy to keep up with it. By having the guys come clean up the poop several times a week, grandma can get out to enjoy the yard and get some fresh air. Now when her neighbors come over on the weekend, she never has to worry about them smelling dog poop. The Scoopy Doo truck is the house several times a week like clockwork. Great job – their service is just what we needed.”

Happy, Locust Valley

“Great Customer Service, Would recommend this company to anyone who has a dog well worth it!
Also very professional in every way. Gives me that much more time to play with my daughter in a clean yard.”

Luigi, Locust Valley

“A friend told me about this service and I’ve been using them for several months. I have no complaints – my yard is cleaned, there is no dog poop to step in, and my wife is happy. They’re just as advertised.”

Ron, Locust Valley

“I’ve used a few other dog poop removal services in the past, and have had nothing but bad service. A few months ago I switched over to Scoopy Doo, and what a difference it has made. I own two Great Danes, so needless to say, my yard pretty much turns into a minefield. I work 12 hours a day, and don’t have time (or the daylight) to keep up with the poop in the yard, but I have Scoopy Doo coming twice a week, and I know I don’t have to worry about it. The clean ups are thorough and the workers are very friendly and polite. Scoopy Doo is what I’ve been looking for as a dog poop removal service, and it’s all at an affordable rate. Couldn’t be happier with the service. Would definitely recommend.”

Mike, Locust Valley

“I heard how amazing Scoopy Doo is from a friend and immediately hired them to clean up my yard. They are extremely reliable and always completely finish the job!”

Nick, Locust Valley

“We just bought a house on the South Shore and the previous owners had many dogs and NEVER cleaned up after them. So when I moved in we didn’t have a backyard we had a cesspool. I found Scoopy on the internet and gave them a call to see if they do One Time clean-ups and they DID! They sent a technician over and they cleaned up the cesspool and low and behold I had a backyard! Thanks again for cleaning up the previous owners mess. If I ever decide to get a dog of my own you will be the first people I call! Thanks again!”

Irwin, South Shore

“I have a special case I have a potbellied pig, Hamlet, as a pet and they love to poop.

I wasn’t sure if a dog waste removal service would pick up after anything other than a dog. My neighbor has been using Scoopy for years and loves the service and told me to give them a call and see. I spoke with the owner, Jim and he said they sure did pick up after other animals in fact they already pick up after a donkey. How awesome is that! Now I have them come two times a week and Hamlet is as happy as a pig in mud!”

Sarah, Lattingtown

“Unfortunately I had another service before Scoopy Doo and they never showed.

When I hired Scoopy Doo they actually do what they say they will they show up and leave my yard clean. Jim the owner has raised the bar for such a “crappy” business.”

Keep up the good work!

Jerome, Commack

“Thank you Scoopy Doo my yard is doody free!,

“I used to use another company and they would always leave my gate open and my dog would always get out.  Now that I have Scoopy Doo on the job, that doesn’t happen anymore.  My scooper makes sure that he checks the gate twice before leaving and my little Penelope hasn’t gotten out of the yard since and my yard is so clean.  Thanks Scoopy Doo we love you!”

Candace, East Meadow

Dear Scoopy Doo,

“I have had your company clean my yard for over two years. Since I have a bad back injury, I was unable to take care of my dogs’ doo myself. My son would come over every now and then to clean the yard for me. He has his own family and doesn’t have a lot of spare time. I knew I would have to do something because my neighbor was complaining about the stink. I have a small house with not much land separating one home from the other. So I took the chance of calling you. Your service has been excellent and what was most important to me, the fee, is very reasonable since I can no longer work. Thank you very much.”

Frank Luca – Glen Cove

“No more fighting with my kids about who is going to scoop the poop!”

J. Goldstein – Laurel Hollow


“Before I called your company this was what was going on at my house. I have two teenage sons whose job it was to clean up after the dogs on the weekend. Well, you know kids – band practice, football, not to mention, dating. It was a never-ending battle. Until I called Scoopy Doo. It was one of the best ideas I ever had! Thanks so much. My household is all peace and quiet plus my yard is as clean as someone’s without a dog.”

Three cheers,

R. Fine – Merrick

“What a great idea ! I wish I called you sooner.”

Gladis Smit – Levittown

Dear Scoopy Doo, Ltd.,

Thank you so much for your excellent service. I have been very impressed with your doo-doo technicians. You see, my husband loves his lawn and I love my dogs. Jack leaves for work very early in the morning and I have to get up at the same time to walk the dogs away from his precious grass. It was an embarrassment to be seen in my area lugging a bag of doo-doo around. Thanks to your workers and that electric fence, I enjoy a nice cup of coffee in bed in the morning. Jack has been warming up to my sweet darling dogs and I have been warming up to Jack. Thanks again, Scoopy Doo, you may have saved my marriage.”


Alice Preston – Locust Valley
P.S. I have my eye on a cute little Labrador puppy! Wish me luck!

“You guys come, do a good job and never a problem. Top shelf.”

V. Santol – Massapequa

Dear Scoopy Doo,

“I have been a client of your for over three years now and my guard dog, Snappy, and I are getting old together. My daughters worried about me living alone until I got my Snappy. It’s a good feeling to be so protected. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that Snappy was out last week when that nice man who cleans my yard so well was on the property. Please ask him to ring my bell next week – I baked him an apple pie and I want to give him a large tip for his pain and suffering. I also wanted to reassure you that Snappy has had all his shots and will never make that mistake again.”

So Sorry,

Doris Tucker – Oyster Bay

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