There’s always something making news at Scoopy Doo’s Dog Waste Removal Service.   Sometimes it’s dog poop, sometimes it’s owner Jim Coniglione’s  fervent dedication to various animal causes, and sometimes it’s raccoons!

In case you hadn’t heard, a growing family of wild raccoons has made a nightly ritual of turning up on the Coniglione back porch to enjoy a free dinner provided by Jim himself.  It all started when Jim noticed a raccoon lounging on his back deck, and he threw the unexpected visitor a handful of dry dog food.   The raccoon, who became known fondly as Don Cheech,  returned regularly to enjoy Jim’s hospitality, and he started bringing a few of his comrades, Tessio, Lucabrazzi, and Fredo.  But that was just the beginning; soon there were over 20 raccoons at the back door, waiting to be fed.    As the herd expanded, so did the menu; to date the raccoons have feasted on pancakes, cereal, cannolis, and the daily bag of bagels donated by Sara, who owns the Korean deli next door.

Jim’s rapport with the raccoons was so  strong that he became known locally as the “Coon Whisperer”.  And when he started making videos of his nightly guests, the fame of the raccoons started spreading far and wide.  It was only a matter of time before one of those videos went viral; when the distribution company UNILAD picked up Jim’s video “ Guy Finds Army of Raccoons at His Door”, the views went through the roof.  To date the raccoon video, which features Jim feeding over 40 of his furry friends, has garnered over 7 million views!

While the raccoons are averse to making live appearances, you can always catch Jim at the office of Scoopy Doo, at 177 Forest Avenue in Locust Valley.   Scoopy Doo is the premier poop-scooping service covering the Long Island and Westchester area.  For regular service or a one-time clean-up, give us a call at 516-676-0083; you may even get a chance to talk to the Coon Whisperer himself!

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