Scoopy-Doo Winter Policy


The winter months present unique challenges to the dedicated poop-scooper, and much as we would love to keep your yard clean and on schedule, there are necessary adjustments we have to make to our normal scooping policy at this time of year.  Our winter policy has been in effect for 15 years now, and we find that it’s an effective method for dealing with the challenges that winter brings.

As long as the weather remains clement, we can usually keep close to our regular schedule. Our trucks will go out no matter how cold it is. And if it snows on your regularly scheduled day we will scoop you on your next scheduled pick-up.

Keep in mind that if poop is hidden in the snow or frozen to the ground, we can’t pick it up; it will be removed (weather permitting) on your next scheduled pick-up.   Once a storm has passed, please make sure that all access to your yard is cleared of debris and snow, so that we can enter safely.   We scoop, but we don’t shovel.   If there is no path to your yard, we will have to skip your clean-up until the next scheduled day.  Also, sometimes fence gates freeze.  We can’t force open a gate for fear of breaking a latch or letting a dog loose.

We’re well aware that your pets often have to change their patterns during these snowy months.  Our scoopers will adjust to this and scour the accessible areas in your yard to pick up the waste where you dog was able to go during their pattern changes.  If you have to change the area entirely (i.e.: from backyard to front yard) please call 516-676-0083 or email the office to inform us and we’ll change the scooping instructions.

Important to note: if we’re hit with a winter storm and have to skip your scheduled day, there are no credits given for these skipped days. The next time we come to your yard there will be twice the amount of poop, so the workload is still the same.

In the event that you want to be put on hold for the winter months, you must call the office the minimum 3 days prior to your scoop day to inform us.   Please be advised that there will be a Spring Clean-up fee upon your re-start – and most winter accumulations can exceed ten buckets of waste, which can get expensive. And once you go on hold, the customers that stayed with us during the winter months will have priority clean-ups when the snow melts.  For that reason we don’t recommend putting your account on hold.  The fact is, our standard winter policy works in your favor.

Whatever the season, we want nothing more than to efficiently clean up your yard. Thanks for working with us at Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal (177 Forest Avenue, Locust Valley, NY 11560; 516-676-0083) to make sure there’s no poo on your shoe!