Scoopy Doo Goes Buggy!

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services is proud to announce a new and exciting addition to the Scoopy Doo fleet of state-of-the-art scooping trucks.It’s the Scoopy Doo Dune Buggy!    It proudly joins the ranks of the Scoopy Doo elite trucks, alongside Black Betty, Purple Haze, Whitey, and the rest of the crew.  Rescued from the dump heap by the ever astute and far-sighted owner of Scoopy Doo, Jim Coniglione, the Dune Buggy has been restored and refitted by Scoopy Doo’s ace mechanic and magician, Jose, to a degree unheard-of.  This baby can now prowl the streets of Nassau County, from the Gold Coast to the South Shore, like a copper cougar, and make poop-scooping the essence of cool.  So if you want your yard serviced in style, order this sporty stream-lined mean machine to do the trick!

Just kidding.  This Dune Buggy is for Jim Coniglione’s personal use only.  Let’s face it,  it’s not really practical for the needs of a poop-scooping service.   No place for the buckets, no place for the rakes. And why would you want bags of dog poop bouncing around in your vintage vehicle?    But don’t worry, Scoopy Doo still has plenty of trucks to take care of everyone’s poop-scooping needs.  Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service has always prided itself on having the most efficient, eye-catching trucks in the business, combining comical slogans (“We take a lotta crap from our customers!” and “No poo on your shoe!”) with tasteful, integrated designs.  And the Scoopy logo – our mascot Stinkfoot chasing a bouncing turd with a shovel – has become an endearing symbol of our dedication to the job at hand.  So when you need a delicate job done, Scoopy Doo should be the one you call, at 516-676-0083.   And maybe, just maybe, Jim will come tooling up in his famous dune buggy to scope out the job.

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