Look out, Hollywood – here comes Jim Coniglione, the photogenic owner of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services, and he’s more than ready for his close-up!   Among his many interests, Jim is a dune buggy aficionado, and over the last few years he has been involved in the loving restoration of a Meyers Manx-style dune buggy circa 1970.  He first spotted the buggy in a neighbor’s garage,  gathering both dust and rust, and he decided to bring it back to its former glory.  After a complete renovation, the gleaming copper-colored dune buggy has become a regular attraction on the North Shore of Long Island, as Jim takes it out for drives by the water and through the rolling estates of Locust Valley and Mill Neck, where Scoopy Doo is the poop-scooping service of choice.


It wasn’t long before the entertainment industry got wind of Jim’s dune buggy miracle.  Several production companies made inquiries, and in March 2018 Jim was flown out to Los Angeles to participate in an exciting new reality show geared to car enthusiasts – an automotive-appreciation show, in which various car owners bring in their novelty vehicles to be judged and appraised by experts.   Jim’s dune buggy was shipped overland in a tractor-trailer, and it became a showpiece of the new series.   Jim had a great time performing before the camera – they called him ”One-Take Jim” – and he’s looking forward to the show’s premiere on the Discovery Channel in May.  The title of the show is still under wraps, and we can’t say much more about it, except that it’s going to be a lot of fun!


While you’re waiting for Jim’s prime-time debut, you can always catch him live at the office of Scoopy Doo, at 177 Forest Avenue in Locust Valley.  Or give us a call at 516-676-0083; Jim might answer the phone himself, if he’s not in make-up or on the set!

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