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One of the most popular choices for pets in the entire world is the dog. It is so popular in the modern era that the term “having a pet” almost becomes synonymous with having a dog, and its only main rival for the title of “most popular pet” is the cat. Regardless of its rank, the dog is definitely one of the most beloved animals in the world.

Dogs have a number of different qualities that make them so loveable. They are most known for their unwavering loyalty. Unlike cats that seem to mind their own business most of the time, dogs’ lives tend to revolve around their masters. They spend their time either being with their masters or waiting for their masters to come home so they could be with them some more. The joy that dogs bring to dog owners and their households is phenomenal. So phenomenal that service dogs are actually tasked with helping out people who suffer from mental illness, developmental and intellectual disorders, depression, or a number of other psychological issues. Another quality they have is their versatility. Unlike reptiles and insects who only appeal to certain types of people, domesticated dogs are generally well received by the populace, with different types of dogs suitable for different types of people. Dogs are also known for being cute. The terms “puppy dog eyes” or “puppy dog pout” didn’t come from nothing, after all.

These qualities are definitely what made practically the whole world crazy for dogs. Long Island in New York is no exception. It may even be one of the dog-craziest places in the planet.

Because of the large number of dogs there, the need for special Long Island dog waste removal companies such as Scoopy Doo has also developed. Hundreds of thousands of dogs mean hundreds of thousands of poop every day, and it’s a good thing that Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal exists. Scoopy Doo’s sole purpose is to remove the dog waste from the clients’ lawns and dispose of it properly.

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