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Nowadays, almost every household in America has at least one pet in the house. Life is almost incomplete without a furry little friend or an exotic animal to keep you company. Most people don’t mind the extra mouth to feed because for them, the list of benefits of owning a pet is overflowing and has become like a necessity in modern times. A dog certainly fits that description, as is proven by the fact that a big part of the population considers the dog as the best pet to have.

With that said, the upsides that come with owning a dog come with responsibilities. For instance, dogs are fairly self-reliant in the wild, but tamed dogs are almost like infants. Owners have to feed them constantly as they cannot search for food by themselves. Owners have to bathe them, bring them to the veterinarian often, and walk them regularly to maintain their health. The task of training them also takes up a lot of time, effort, and resources, and it is quite important since dogs do have the tendency to accidentally wreck and destroy various items or furniture inside the house if left untrained and unattended.

There is also, of course, the issue of the poop.

As much as dogs are adorable, their excrement actually puts forth the biggest problem there is with having a dog: waste removal. It is such a big problem that it a Dog Waste Removal, Scoopy Doo has decided to go in business to remove dog waste.

The problems that arise from dog feces span from personal health to environmental welfare. Dog feces, contrary to popular belief, will not make your lawn more fertile. It’s actually toxic and it will discolor and ultimately destroy the grass in your lawn. An unattractive lawn with spots of dead grass or bare soil is definitely something that no one wants. To prevent this from happening, Scoopy Doo, a Long Island dog waste removal company, recommends having your lawn cleaned from poop once or twice a week.

Another big issue is water contamination. This is an especially big problem if you live in an area surrounded by water bodies, as there are more chances that your dog’s excrement will end up in your water sources. Dog and geese are the biggest contributors to water contamination in Long Island because of their poop, and Long Island dog waste removal services such as Scoopy Doo have become necessary in order to combat the growing problem. Even if you don’t live near water, this problem is still alarming because dog poop (along with various other pet wastes) is classified as a pollutant that’s as detrimental to water bodies as toxic chemicals and oil. Scoopy Doo, a Long Island Dog Waste Removal Company is preventing this issue daily by picking up all dog waste from its clients. That can be carried by overland water flow and eventually end up in rivers and streams in other places.

Dog waste contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria per gram, which just means that it’s a veritable melting pot of organisms that carry diseases that can affect, or even be fatal to, humans. These organisms include parasites like hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella. The fecal coliform bacteria can cause kidney and intestinal disorders, and roundworm larva (if ingested) can cause diseases in almost every part and every organ of the body. Such organisms should not be allowed to spread in a residential area, but because of dog poop, it’s now more dangerous than ever. This is an extremely pressing matter, and the government is starting to think so as well. For example, Long Island dog waste removal laws are already being proposed to ensure that dog owners clean up after their dogs diligently, so as not to let their lawns and neighborhoods be a breeding ground for the parasites. Long Island Dog Waste Removal Company, Scoopy Doo removes dog waste from dog owner’s backyards to eliminate the hassle of dog owners having to do this.

These problems are only some of them many issues the come from ignored dog poop. Long Island dog waste removal, Scoopy Doo is the Number 1 Dog Waste Removal Company on Long Island, and they are successfully preventing these issues on a daily basis.

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Scoopy-Doo Takes Manhattan

Last week we took a road trip into New York City, taking the infamous Scoopy-Doo Smart Car. It was a blast from start to finish: everyone was pointing us out and smiling as we cruised through the streets of Manhattan. It wasn’t just because my generous frame was packed like a sausage into that tiny vehicle – it was because the car was wrapped with our one-of-a-kind slogans and pictures: “SCOOPY-DOO PET WASTE REMOVAL” “WE TAKE A LOTTA CRAP FROM OUR CUSTOMERS!” You know, New Yorkers are supposed to be pretty blasé about everything. You could walk down the street wearing a tutu or a snake around your neck or a knife in your back, and nobody would blink an eye. But when they see that Scoopy-Doo car on the move, something breaks through their cynical shell and they light up with delight. People call out – “Yo, Scoopy-Doo!” “You really pick up dog poo?” – and give us the thumbs-up. Such is the universal power of poop! So next time you see us driving through your neighborhood, don’t resist the urge to smile. It’s only natural. That’s all for now. 10-4 – Clear!

Sprinkler Time!

Summertime means Sprinkler Time!  We all like to keep our yards nice and green, but there are a few common sense tips about sprinklers that we’d like to pass on.  Here at Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service, we’ve noticed that a lot of folks have their sprinklers on an automated timer, and for some reason those timers go off at 8 in the morning.  Not good!   You don’t want to water the lawn when the sun is out, because it will burn your grass, and help the spread of bacteria.  And if there’s dog waste on the lawn, all that water will magically transform it into the dreaded poop soup.  Tough to clean!  Plus, if our scoopers stop by when the sprinklers are running, there’s no way they can clean your yard and do a good job.Our suggestion, especially if you have an automatic timer, is to run the sprinklers in the middle of the night.  2 AM is the perfect time to water your lawn.   It’s cooler, and there’s no sun to dry things up fast and cause burning, so you’re using the water as efficiently and effectively as possible. And by the time our technicians from Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service arrive, the dog poop will have dried and become easier to remove.  Avoid poop soup and a messy, over saturated lawn!  For more helpful hints to make your yard healthy and clean, check out our website,, or call us at 516-676-0083.  Have a great day, and no poo on your shoe!

King of Pet Waste Removal Service BIRTHDAY BASH

On July 4th, while everyone was celebrating the country’s birthday, Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service was also celebrating the 50th birthday of its owner and founder, the widely-recognized King of Poop, Jim Coniglione!  The occasion was marked with a huge party at Jim’s house, with customers, well-wishers and local celebrities in attendance.   There was a generous sprinkling of the Scoopy-Doo crew, too:  accredited turd technicians Mikey Coach and Yonni, Farley, Andy, and Charlie.  Representing the office were Lisa our intrepid office manager, and Linda “the Enforcer” Calzone.
Highlights of the party included a vintage fire truck converted into a foodwagon, which served awesome pizza, meatball heros, and soft ice cream:  a photo booth, where everyone could commemorate the special day by wearing a silly hat; and the piece de resistance, a Mechanical Bull on the front lawn.    Would Jimbo throw caution to the wind and mount the bull?  He did, and rode it like the Lone Ranger – Hi-yo, Silver! – until a sudden jolt tossed him unceremoniously into the padding.  Afterwards there was dessert, fried zeppoles, and spectacular fireworks.  It was a memorable party in every way.  And you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Linda the Enforcer ride the Bull. Toro!


The dog days of summer are upon us, and Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal Service has a few hot-weather tips for you.  Very important: always make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water.  It’s so easy for your dog to get dehydrated.   The importance of keeping your dogs cool can’t be stressed enough.  Be aware of the correlation between the ambient temperature and the pavement temperature – for instance, if it’s 87 degrees outside, the pavement surface could reach 104 degrees (insert chart?)   That’s a lot of heat on your dog’s paws!  Always provide a shady area for them to seek relief from the sun.  Our scoopers will keep an eye out too – If there’s a hose spigot nearby and an empty bowl, we will fill it up, as a courtesy.
And speaking of courtesy, your pet isn’t the only one who feels the heat. Our turd technicians are out there scooping in the sweltering midday sun, and they can get dehydrated too.  When you’re working under extreme conditions, a little refreshment goes a long way.  So be kind to your scooper – offer him a glass of water, he’ll really appreciate it!   Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal Service wishes all a happy and safe summer!

Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service Fleet!

Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service is renowned for its efficiency, it’s friendliness, and its polished, courteous technicians.

But just as important to our success is the iconic Scoopy-Doo truck.  We have a fleet of scooping trucks that fan out daily across the Long Island area, spreading the good news of Scoopy-Doo’s A-1 service and giving chuckles to spectators with our comic slogans  – “We take a lotta crap from our customers!” “Got Poop?” “Call 1-800-TURDHERDER!”
Every truck has its own name and its own quirky personality.  There’s Eleanor, Shirley, Whitey, Betty, Purple Haze,  Big Red…These turd warriors have been there and back, and  carried their spoils of dog and goose discharge from green grass to the dumpster graveyard. Oh, the stories those trucks could tell! They’re all equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology and specialized equipment to handle any scooping emergency.   When the Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal truck is in your neighborhood, you know your air is going to be a lot fresher very soon.  So if you want to have the scooping truck of choice parked in front of your house, waste no time, and call us at 516-676-0083.  Have a great day, and no poo on your shoe!