Scoopy Doo Script Reading!

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service, the premier waste removal service in the Tri-State  area, is proud to announce that

Actors reading the screenplay “Turdherder! The Movie!”

it recently presented the first script reading of  the  screenplay TURDHERDER! THE MOVIE.

TURDHERDER!  is a wild, raucous, hilariously inappropriate comedy about the messy but marvelous world of dog do.   It’s based on the true-life comic exploits of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service’s owner and founder, the King of Poop himself, Jim Coniglione.  Things are definitely moving forward with this down-to-earth poop-scooping extravaganza!

TURDHERDER! THE MOVIE had its first official table read at the Shetler Studios in NYC on July 27, 2016.  The script reading starred a knockout cast of some of New York’s best young actors, and the performance had the small invited audience in stitches as the wild wacky saga of life in the poop-scooping world  sprang to life.

Jim Coniglione surrounded by a starry cast

Leading the cast was Joe Cummings as Jake Walsh, the reluctant turdherder, and Joshua Zisholtz as Phil “Scoop” Scopetti, the proud owner of the premier pet waste removal service on Long Island.  Also featured were Joanna Keylock as Vanessa, Jennifer Jiles as Karen, Jacob Berger as Mikey Coach and Peter Plano in a number of hilarious roles.   Rounding out the cast was Liz Peace, Mark Lobene, Stephanie Iscovitiz, and Kerri Kenny Clegg.  Stage directions were read by Ali Mierzijewski.

The script reading was put together by Donna Grossman Casting, of Manhattan.  Screenwriters Jim Coniglione and Frederick Stroppel were present to take notes and enjoy the show.

Jim Coniglione with actor Peter Plano

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service is enormously proud of this first film venture, and already has more story ideas in the pipeline.  There’s no end of poop stories available – they just keep coming!  In the meantime, following up on the success of this initial read, a second reading for backers and industry folk is planned for the fall.  Stay tuned!





he brain trust of the script reading: Donna Grossman, Frederick Stroppel, Jim


Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service, the premier waste removal service in the Tri-State  area, is proud to announce that it’s branching out into a whole new arena – the film world – with the hilarious poop-scooping screenplay TURDHERDER!

TURDHERDER!  is a wild, raucous, hilariously inappropriate comedy about the messy but marvelous world of dog do   It’s based on the true-life comic exploits of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Servicec’s owner and founder, the King of Poop himself, Jim Coniglione.  The story involves Jake Walsh,  an executive who loses his job in Manhattan and takes a job with his old friend Phil “Scoop” Scopetti.  Scoop runs a scooping service on Long Island (yup, he’s a thinly-disguised version of Jim himself!).  Scoop introduces Jake  to the finer points of the business: how to scoop the poop, how to negotiate cranky homeowners and horny housewives, how to keep snarling dogs at bay. There’s an art to turdherding, and Scoop is one of the great practitioners of the form.

Jake is no natural to the job, and his growth process is punctuated by many a misstep (a bucket of turds falls in the pool, a malfunctioning machine strafes a country club with poop pellets, etc) But eventually Jake hits his stride, and he and Scoop make a great team, with exciting plans for the future.   However, when he gets an offer to return to his old job, Jake has to make a momentous decision: return to the world he knows, or follow his bliss as a super scooper?

The script of TURDHERDER! is by screenwriter Frederick Stroppel and Jim Coniglione. It’s a rollicking, fast-paced comedy filled with earthy (literally) scatological humor and a crew of wacky characters, guaranteed to appeal to the 12-year-old in all of us.  Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service is proud to be a part of this exciting project.  For more info, check out the Turdherder! website.   And of course, if you need any scooping services, make sure you call Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service at 516-676-0083!


Coon Alert!

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services has always been a dog (and dog-owner’s) best friend – you won’t find another business that is more hound-centric than Scoopy Doo.  But we are more than just puppies and poodles.  Scoopy Doo is actively involved in cooperative ventures with animal shelters, pet stores, and pet-groom ing salons, as well as community outreach – we’re one of the sponsors of Glen Cove’s annual Howl-o-ween Pet Parade – all with an eye to providing the best in animal welfare.  And now Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services has officially become Coon Central!

Every night at owner Jim Coniglione’s house in Glen Cove, as the twilight begins to fall, a gang of amiable raccoons gathers on the back porch to share a meal with Big Jim.  His backyard borders the Garvies Point Nature Preserve, and over the years a raccoon or two has wandered in under the fence to grab a discarded hot dog bun or a corn cob.  Jim, always the animal lover, started feeding the hungry little guys, and now he has a nightly posse of raccoons massing around his back door every night.  On peak nights he has counted 19 to 20!

What does he feed them?   What passes for Coon Cuisine?   Well, dry dog food and cat food at first, but then he began to expand their palates, offering them pizza slices, bagels, spaghetti, cannolis…even Easter peeps!   The raccoons love it all – after eating garbage most of the time, this has been a huge culinary upgrade.  Jim has gotten to know the raccoons so well, he’s given them distinctive names:  Don Cheech, Fredo, Clemenza, Tessio, Frankie Five- Angels, Lucabrazzi…sound familiar?  It’s a reincarnation of Corleones. Even one-eyed Moe Green makes an appearance on Jim’s porch.  So next time you think Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services is just about dogs, remember that coons gotta eat (and poop), too!

By the way, if you’re in need of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services, call us at 516-676-0083!


Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service is, as our name suggests, a company dedicated to the cleaning and disposal of canine waste from our yards and lawns – indeed, we are the premier such service on Long Island and Westchester.  Over the years we have refined this process into an absolute science, with our patented buckets and grid-pattern yard coverage.  Owner Jim Coniglione has overseen the development of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service over the years and managed every aspect of it with care and affection, and he is justifiably proud of what he has accomplished.

But dog waste is not our only focus – Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service also removes goose waste from our parks and larger yards.  The many estates and public spaces on Long Island have been targeted for years by the omnipresent Canada geese – their conical droppings have ruined many a picnic and golf outing.  Fortunately, Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service has many weapons in its arsenal to combat goose waste, including our own invention, the GSS 1000 Turbo Goose Vacuum and Smart Sweep System.

Scoopy Doo Goes Buggy!

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services is proud to announce a new and exciting addition to the Scoopy Doo fleet of state-of-the-art scooping trucks.It’s the Scoopy Doo Dune Buggy!    It proudly joins the ranks of the Scoopy Doo elite trucks, alongside Black Betty, Purple Haze, Whitey, and the rest of the crew.  Rescued from the dump heap by the ever astute and far-sighted owner of Scoopy Doo, Jim Coniglione, the Dune Buggy has been restored and refitted by Scoopy Doo’s ace mechanic and magician, Jose, to a degree unheard-of.  This baby can now prowl the streets of Nassau County, from the Gold Coast to the South Shore, like a copper cougar, and make poop-scooping the essence of cool.  So if you want your yard serviced in style, order this sporty stream-lined mean machine to do the trick!

Just kidding.  This Dune Buggy is for Jim Coniglione’s personal use only.  Let’s face it,  it’s not really practical for the needs of a poop-scooping service.   No place for the buckets, no place for the rakes. And why would you want bags of dog poop bouncing around in your vintage vehicle?    But don’t worry, Scoopy Doo still has plenty of trucks to take care of everyone’s poop-scooping needs.  Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service has always prided itself on having the most efficient, eye-catching trucks in the business, combining comical slogans (“We take a lotta crap from our customers!” and “No poo on your shoe!”) with tasteful, integrated designs.  And the Scoopy logo – our mascot Stinkfoot chasing a bouncing turd with a shovel – has become an endearing symbol of our dedication to the job at hand.  So when you need a delicate job done, Scoopy Doo should be the one you call, at 516-676-0083.   And maybe, just maybe, Jim will come tooling up in his famous dune buggy to scope out the job.

A Scoopy Doo Storm Calamity

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services is reknowned for its fleet of classic scooping trucks, perhaps the most iconic of them all being the inimitable machine “Purple Haze”.  The Haze has cruised the roads and byways of Long Island’s North Shore for the past seven years, servicing the great estates and the simple everyday yards with equal efficiency and aplomb.   With Brian Ramskill at the wheel, Purple Haze has established itself as a legendary flagship of the Scoopy Doo fleet.   The smiles and waves from pedestrians and passing cars was a daily testament to its local fame.

But Last Tuesday, a nor’easter  blew up the coast and landed some haymakers on the North Shore.   Sad to report, Purple Haze was one of the casualties.  At the height of the storm, a huge tree fell and landed directly on the unwitting truck. Disaster!   Owner Jim Coniglione rushed up to the site of the accident, but there was nothing to be done.  The tree had smashed the bed of the truck!

The turd technicians of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services were saddened by the news – in fact, they were crushed, which was appropriate under the circumstances.   After so many years of yeoman service, Purple Haze had become like a member of the family, a symbol of the company’s grit and indomitability.  To see it laid low, with so little hope for survival, was a deep blow to company morale.

But just when things looked darkest, the resident mechanic of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services, Jose, worked his engineering magic on Purple Haze, and lo and behold, in a day or so it was back in service.  Not only was the truck bed repaired, but the Ramskill-abused shocks were replaced, and now the truck is running better than ever.  Purple Haze lives to scoop again!

Long Island Pooper Scooper – Scoopy Doo

There are 33,000 licensed dogs in Long Island, New York, and far more unlicensed ones. If one assumes that a dog defecates its waste once a day, then that amounts to more than 231,000 dog poop piles in one week. If every dog owner simply waits for their dog’s feces to deteriorate into the ground or get washed up somewhere, then Long Island will be filled up with excrement alarmingly quickly. This is not a far-fetched thought, considering not a lot of people, would be willing to constantly pick up their dog’s poop every single time the canine unloads on their lawn. What’s worse is that it’s actually very dangerous to just leave dog poop lying around, especially if there are children around. This is the case with a lot of houses in Long Island, but still, no one would go around picking up their dog’s poop if they could help it. Even if they want to clean up after their pets, most of the time they’re too busy to do so.

Luckily enough, there are people out there who are willing to do the job for the dog owners. In fact, Long Island dog waste removal, Scoopy Doo has built a very successfully business around one thing: cleaning up your dog’s poop.

Long Island dog waste removal has long been a problem of the locals, especially since the number of dogs in the area is getting larger and larger every year. Number 1 Long Island Dog Waste Removal Company, Scoopy Doo relieves the homeowners from the dirty duty, and it even protects them from possible harmful diseases they could get from exposure to their dog’s stool.

Scoopy Doo Ltd is the number one Long Island dog waste removal businesses that could help Long Island dog owners with their dog poo problem. It is a family owned business that has been helping dog owner dispose of their dog’s poo for the past 14 years. They’ve garnered quite a big following because of the satisfaction that their customers get from their services.

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal offers a number of different services to suit the different needs of their clients. They offer different schedules and frequencies of pick-up. For instance, most clients prefer having their lawns and yards cleaned from dog waste either once or twice every week. The good thing about Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal is that the client could arrange for a different schedule should he or she wish to.

Another good thing about Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal is that they offer their services all year round. Their operations do not stop during winter, because logically dogs do not stop pooping even if it’s snowing outside.

Scoopy Doo is the number one Long Island Dog Waste Removal Company and dog owners all across Long Island vow by their service.

Contact Scoopy Doo here or call (516) 676-0083 to get started today.

Canadian Goose Waste Removal Service

Here at Long Island’s #1 Pooper Scooper service we not only service dog waste, we also take care of those pesky Canadian Geese and the waste they leave behind too.  We have the one and only GSS 1000 Turbo Goose Vacuum and Smart Sweep System that Scoopy Doo LTD. fabricated.    Canadian Geese waste carries a high level of bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella.  When in contact with skin it can cause a severe rash and other skin conditions.  This is a great concern to parents, pet owners and property owners.

We work with golf courses, schools, local townships, municipalities and production companies to remove the waste from these areas for a safe and clean environment.  Scoopy Doo takes care of all of your waste removal needs.  Call Long Island’s #1 Pooper Scooper service, Scoopy Doo at 516-676-0083.

Pooper Scooper Lawn Care

Long Island’s #1 pooper scooper service would like to let you know that Fall is here so please make sure to clean-up your yards by raking up your leaves.  We can only scoop what we can see.  To effectively perform our dog waste removal services please make sure your yards are maintained.

Who doesn’t love to play in the backyard with their dogs.  We can make sure that your yard is free of waste so it will always be a pleasant time to play.

Call Long Island’s #1 Pooper Scooper Service.  Call Scoopy Doo at 516-676-0083 to schedule your pick up today.

Dog Poop Removal – Scoopy Doo

One of the most popular choices for pets in the entire world is the dog. It is so popular in the modern era that the term “having a pet” almost becomes synonymous with having a dog, and its only main rival for the title of “most popular pet” is the cat. Regardless of its rank, the dog is definitely one of the most beloved animals in the world.

Dogs have a number of different qualities that make them so loveable. They are most known for their unwavering loyalty. Unlike cats that seem to mind their own business most of the time, dogs’ lives tend to revolve around their masters. They spend their time either being with their masters or waiting for their masters to come home so they could be with them some more. The joy that dogs bring to dog owners and their households is phenomenal. So phenomenal that service dogs are actually tasked with helping out people who suffer from mental illness, developmental and intellectual disorders, depression, or a number of other psychological issues. Another quality they have is their versatility. Unlike reptiles and insects who only appeal to certain types of people, domesticated dogs are generally well received by the populace, with different types of dogs suitable for different types of people. Dogs are also known for being cute. The terms “puppy dog eyes” or “puppy dog pout” didn’t come from nothing, after all.

These qualities are definitely what made practically the whole world crazy for dogs. Long Island in New York is no exception. It may even be one of the dog-craziest places in the planet.

Because of the large number of dogs there, the need for special Long Island dog waste removal companies such as Scoopy Doo has also developed. Hundreds of thousands of dogs mean hundreds of thousands of poop every day, and it’s a good thing that Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal exists. Scoopy Doo’s sole purpose is to remove the dog waste from the clients’ lawns and dispose of it properly.

Contact Scoopy Doo here or call (516) 676-0083 to get started today.