Canadian Goose Waste Removal Service

Here at Long Island’s #1 Pooper Scooper service we not only service dog waste, we also take care of those pesky Canadian Geese and the waste they leave behind too.  We have the one and only GSS 1000 Turbo Goose Vacuum and Smart Sweep System that Scoopy Doo LTD. fabricated.    Canadian Geese waste carries a high level of bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella.  When in contact with skin it can cause a severe rash and other skin conditions.  This is a great concern to parents, pet owners and property owners.

We work with golf courses, schools, local townships, municipalities and production companies to remove the waste from these areas for a safe and clean environment.  Scoopy Doo takes care of all of your waste removal needs.  Call Long Island’s #1 Pooper Scooper service, Scoopy Doo at 516-676-0083.

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