Canadian Geese Waste Removal

Canadian Geese Waste Removal

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Don’t let the onslaught of Canadian Geese ruin your property. Have a safe, clean environment for your kids to play. We use our GSS1000 Goose Vacuum and our Smart Sweep System to remove goose waste from your fields. We also have a Goose Deterrent Formula which is both a visual and a palatable deterrent. The formula, made from grape seed extract, is sprayed on the turf and is eco friendly and non toxic. This formula changes the uv spectrum which makes the turf color appear different to the geese. The second part of the formula makes the (food source) turf distasteful to the geese, which makes them want to feed elsewhere. BY APPLYING THIS PRODUCT WE CAN REDUCE THE GOOSE POPULATION ON YOUR PROPERTY DRAMATICALLY.

 Canadian geese waste carries a high level of bacteria such as E-COLI AND SALMONELLA. When In contact with skin It can cause a severe rash and other skin conditions. With this said, the health risks of goose waste on fields are of great concerns to parents.

We work with: Golf Courses. Schools, Property Managers, Local Townships, Villages, Municipalities. We also remove pigeon waste

from structures such as churches, bridges, underpasses, etc.

Canadian geese can carry antibiotic-resistant superbugs and spread bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella wherever they migrate. according to a recent study” U.S. Center for Disease  Control (CDC).

One goose produces two pounds of waste per day!

Protect our Property Have a Safe, Clean Environment we can keep your waterfront property, playgrounds and ball fields clean!

Scoopy Doo Canadian Geese Waste Removal Service is making life easier for home, business and land owners like you with our complete Canadian Goose Poop Removal Service.

FALL CLEANUP SPECIAL! $45 per 5 Gallon Bucket!