A Scoopy Doo Storm Calamity

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services is reknowned for its fleet of classic scooping trucks, perhaps the most iconic of them all being the inimitable machine “Purple Haze”.  The Haze has cruised the roads and byways of Long Island’s North Shore for the past seven years, servicing the great estates and the simple everyday yards with equal efficiency and aplomb.   With Brian Ramskill at the wheel, Purple Haze has established itself as a legendary flagship of the Scoopy Doo fleet.   The smiles and waves from pedestrians and passing cars was a daily testament to its local fame.

But Last Tuesday, a nor’easter  blew up the coast and landed some haymakers on the North Shore.   Sad to report, Purple Haze was one of the casualties.  At the height of the storm, a huge tree fell and landed directly on the unwitting truck. Disaster!   Owner Jim Coniglione rushed up to the site of the accident, but there was nothing to be done.  The tree had smashed the bed of the truck!

The turd technicians of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services were saddened by the news – in fact, they were crushed, which was appropriate under the circumstances.   After so many years of yeoman service, Purple Haze had become like a member of the family, a symbol of the company’s grit and indomitability.  To see it laid low, with so little hope for survival, was a deep blow to company morale.

But just when things looked darkest, the resident mechanic of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services, Jose, worked his engineering magic on Purple Haze, and lo and behold, in a day or so it was back in service.  Not only was the truck bed repaired, but the Ramskill-abused shocks were replaced, and now the truck is running better than ever.  Purple Haze lives to scoop again!

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