Goose waste alert!

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service is, as our name suggests, a company dedicated to the cleaning and disposal of canine waste from our yards and lawns – indeed, we are the premier such service on Long Island and Westchester.  Over the years we have refined this process into an absolute science, with our patented buckets and grid-pattern yard coverage.  Owner Jim Coniglione has overseen the development of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service over the years and managed every aspect of it with care and affection, and he is justifiably proud of what he has accomplished.

But dog waste is not our only focus – Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service also removes goose waste from our parks and larger yards.  The many estates and public spaces on Long Island have been targeted for years by the omnipresent Canada geese – their conical droppings have ruined many a picnic and golf outing.  Fortunately, Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service has many weapons in its arsenal to combat goose waste, including our own invention, the GSS 1000 Turbo Goose Vacuum and Smart Sweep System.


Goose waste may strike one as an almost comical situation, but there are some very serious problems associated with it.  Canada Goose waste carries a high level of bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella.  When in contact with skin it can cause a severe rash and other skin conditions.  This is of great concern to parents and property owners.  And keep in mind that dogs will also eat goose poop, and they too can develop E-Coli.    You don’t want your family dog to become victim to this potentially fatal virus.

So if you have a goose waste situation, call Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Service ar 516-676-0083.  Your kids will thank you, your neighbors will thank you, and your precious dogs will keep that healthy wag in their tails.  It’s all good!