To Our Valued Customers:

Fall is here, and Scoopy Doo is once again ready and happy to help keep your yards clean. We’d just like to remind you that this season brings certain challenges that might keep us from servicing your yard as thoroughly as we would like.

In particular, if there are leaves covering the lawn, it makes it very difficult for us to clean. We’ll get calls from our customers complaining that their yard hasn’t been scooped properly, and that we missed spots. We feel your frustration – nothing is more important to us than doing a good job – but the fact is, we can’t scoop what we can’t see. If the dog waste is hidden under the leaves, we have no idea that it’s there. Our scoopers might walk through it and track it around the yard, spreading the mess rather than containing it. Also, after we leave your yard, the wind may blow leaves around and uncover dog poop that was hidden. These are all problems that can be avoided with a leaf-free yard.

We’re aware that some landscapers are not providing a weekly service this time of year. Although they may be charging high maintenance fees, they will often try to conserve their labor force by not coming every week and waiting for all the leaves to fall before clearing them away. This may be convenient for them, but it keeps us from doing a thorough job. As you know, we at Scoopy Doo charge a small fee to show up every week, and we just want to make sure our customers are fully satisfied.

So we would urge you to stay on top of your landscapers and see that they pick up your leaves weekly, to give us the opportunity to give you the full service you deserve. Bottom-line: if you clean up your leaves, you’ll have no poo on your shoe!

All the best,
Scoopy Doo