A Scoopy Doo Storm Calamity

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Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services is reknowned for its fleet of classic scooping trucks, perhaps the most iconic of them all being the inimitable machine “Purple Haze”.  The Haze has cruised the roads and byways of Long Island’s North Shore for the past seven years, servicing the great estates and the simple everyday yards with equal efficiency and aplomb.    With Brian Ramskill at the wheel, Purple Haze has established itself as a legendary flagship of the Scoopy Doo fleet.   The smiles and waves from pedestrians and passing cars was a daily testament to its local fame. But Last Tuesday, a nor’easter  blew up the coast and landed some haymakers on the North Shore.   Sad to report, Purple Haze was one of the casualties.  At the height of the storm, a huge tree fell and landed directly on the unwitting truck.  Disaster!   Owner Jim Coniglione rushed up to the site of the accident, but there was nothing to be done.  The tree had smashed the bed of the truck! The turd technicians of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services were saddened by the news – in fact, they were crushed, which was appropriate under the circumstances.   After so many years of yeoman service, Purple Haze had become like a member of the family, a symbol of the company’s grit and indomitability.  To see it laid low, with so little hope for survival, was a deep blow to company morale. But just when things looked darkest, the resident mechanic of Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal Services, Jose, worked his engineering magic on Purple Haze, and lo and behold, in a day or so it was back in service.  Not only was the truck bed repaired, but the Ramskill-abused shocks were replaced, and now the truck is running better than ever.  Purple Haze lives to scoop...

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A Scoopy Doo show is coming to you!  It was announced today that Jim Coniglione – aka The King of Poop – has entered into a development deal with the Best Entertainment Group for a reality show based on his pet waste removal business on Long Island.  There is also a deal for a scripted comedy show created by Mr. Coniglione with writers Frederick Stroppel and Anne Louise Bono. Jim Coniglione is the owner of Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal Service, which operates out of Locust Valley and services homes and estates in Long Island and Westchester counties in the tri-state area. The success of Scoopy-Doo, and his YouTube channel “King of Poop TV” has brought Mr. Coniglione national media attention.  That includes profiles in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Huffington Post. His outsized, effervescent Italian-American personality and no-holds-barred bravado is tailor-made for the small screen. Russell Best, Managing Partner of Best Entertainment Group, Inc. is a well-respected veteran of the TV and Entertainment Industry. He started his career at CBS in 1982 and moved on to run P&G Daytime Services in New York City. In 1996, Russell moved to FOX/Twentieth Television to become VP/Executive in Charge of FOX East Coast production. In 1999, he became the Sr. VP/GM of National Recording Studios, Inc., the largest privately held, most vertically integrated production facility in the country. While there, he launched their National Entertainment division and created and produced programming for ESPN, Hearst Entertainment, USA Network, Pearson Television, FX, Court TV, Proctor & Gamble Productions and Rainbow Media (Cablevision). In 2002, Russell launched Best Entertainment Group and its subsidiary Brave St. Productions. Brave St. created a variety of network programming including reality, feature documentaries and webisodic content. He produced and sold programming to a myriad of networks.  These include the Travel Channel, Comedy Central, ESPN, Discovery Home, E!, Style Network, Bravo,  and Fox Reality.  His programs including Magic Man (Showtime), This Job’s a Trip (Travel Channel), Crash Course in Comedy , New York Nick , Making the Band with P’Diddy, Dangerous Minds and Pyramid Code, to name a few. Mr. Coniglione is excited to be working with Best Entertainment Group. “It’s like his name says: Russell is the Best. I’m really lucky to be hooked up with him and I think things are really going to take off from here.” And from Mr. Best, the feeling is mutual: “I’m really excited about this opportunity with Jim. He’s a very funny and engaging guy and he’s also a very astute businessman. Bottom line, he’s a character. I’m impressed with his on-camera and writing abilities. I think we have some powerful opportunities to explore together.”   The reality...

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At Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal, we scoop, but we don’t shovel.   The winter storms are roaring in, and some heavy snow deposits are building up.   So is the poop – if we have to miss your scheduled day because of inclement weather, that means there will be twice as much poop to scoop next time.    But it’s just common sense that our turd technicians still have to get access to the pet waste before they can remove it.  So we at Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal urge all of our customers to make sure that their walks are shoveled clear, and that access to the  clean-up area is unimpeded.    Nothing is more frustrating to us than arriving at a house ready and willing to perform efficient clean-up service, only to discover that the walks are covered with snow and ice.  This creates dangerous conditions for the scoopers at Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal.   It’s not only common courtesy but also a safety issue, so please make sure you shovel the snow from your walks and entranceways before your scheduled clean-up day. While we’re on the subject, what kind of de-icing agent are you using on your sidewalks? Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal advises you to be aware that some de-icers, like rock salt, can be extremely difficult for your dogs to handle.  The salt pieces (if rock salt- sodium chloride- is used) or pellets (if the product is sold in pellet form) will stick to their paws. When the ice begins to melt this heat can cause irritation to the pads of their feet. Dogs can also ingest too much salt because they may eat snow instead of drinking water, or they may drink from puddled water where ice has melted and the salt products are present.  Yet another way dogs ingest the salt is because it sticks to the hairs of their feet in ice balls. Later the dogs lick and chew these ice balls out, and inadvertently take in the salt too.  Calcium chloride, in pure form or combined with other salts, is the familiar white pellets we so often see. Yet calcium chloride, in that exothermic reaction, can heat to 175o F. This can burn a dog’s paw pads, mouth, and even the digestive system causing ulcers.  So please be careful what kind of de-icer you use, and try to keep your doggie’s paws safe. Thanks and best regards, from Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal at 177 Forest Avenue, Locust Valley NY 11560; 516-676-0083; and remember, no poo on your...

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Scoopy-Doo Winter Policy

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SCOOPY-DOO’S WINTER POLICY The winter months present unique challenges to the dedicated poop-scooper, and much as we would love to keep your yard clean and on schedule, there are necessary adjustments we have to make to our normal scooping policy at this time of year.  Our winter policy has been in effect for 15 years now, and we find that it’s an effective method for dealing with the challenges that winter brings. As long as the weather remains clement, we can usually keep close to our regular schedule. Our trucks will go out no matter how cold it is. And if it snows on your regularly scheduled day we will scoop you on your next scheduled pick-up. Keep in mind that if poop is hidden in the snow or frozen to the ground, we can’t pick it up; it will be removed (weather permitting) on your next scheduled pick-up.   Once a storm has passed, please make sure that all access to your yard is cleared of debris and snow, so that we can enter safely.   We scoop, but we don’t shovel.   If there is no path to your yard, we will have to skip your clean-up until the next scheduled day.  Also, sometimes fence gates freeze.  We can’t force open a gate for fear of breaking a latch or letting a dog loose. We’re well aware that your pets often have to change their patterns during these snowy months.  Our scoopers will adjust to this and scour the accessible areas in your yard to pick up the waste where you dog was able to go during their pattern changes.  If you have to change the area entirely (i.e.: from backyard to front yard) please call or email the office (Info@ScoopyDooNY.com) to inform us and we’ll change the scooping instructions. Important to note: if we’re hit with a winter storm and have to skip your scheduled day, there are no credits given for these skipped days. The next time we come to your yard there will be twice the amount of poop, so the workload is still the same. In the event that you want to be put on hold for the winter months, you must call the office the minimum 3 days prior to your scoop day to inform us.   Please be advised that there will be a Spring Clean-up fee upon your re-start – and most winter accumulations can exceed ten buckets of waste, which can get expensive. And once you go on hold, the customers that stayed with us during the winter months will have priority clean-ups when the snow melts.  For that reason we don’t recommend putting your account on hold.  The fact is, our standard...

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Support Your Local Shelter!

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Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service has always worked very closely with local animal shelters and pet-related businesses, to make sure that every pet has a happy home and is treated humanely. So we would like to remind you to support your local shelters.  This is the time of year when a lot of shelters are left short-handed – summer help disappears as the kids head back to college – and they could use a helping hand. Get out and volunteer, if you can!   What better place to spend your spare time than in the company of the cutest cats and dogs imaginable? You’ll be helping out a good cause, and you’ll feel great yourself! This is also a great time to adopt a pet.   There is truly nothing like having a dog with a wagging tail waiting for you at home after a hard day, ready to shower you with sloppy kisses and unconditional love; suddenly your daily burdens don’t seem all that bad.   Many people wait until Christmas to adopt, and then make a hasty decision that they later regret. Remember, a pet is a lifetime commitment.   They make great presents, but you have to make sure that they’re going to a household that really wants them. If you adopt a dog or cat now, you can give him or her your full attention, and then by the time Christmas comes along she will already be a treasured member of the family. Everybody wins! Just a little tip from Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service.  And needless to say, when the need comes to scoop some of that dog poop, you know who will  be happy to take care of all your pet waste problems.  Call 516-676-0083, and Scoopy-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service make sure that your experience with your new pet is a happy, healthy, poo-free...

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